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From the wool to the hanger. We call it: a future focused commitment.
Our strength? Thinking backwards, planning forwards. From the in-store presentation for the photoshoot, to bespoke pattern design, manufacturing, and transforming yarn into wool. We hold all the threads together. Coordinating all our partners, to control the entire workflow.
Our promise: to give you precisely what you see on the label – 100% pure cashmere.
A name in accordance with the Textile Labelling Regulation 1007/2011 for manufacturers. A name specially reserved for pieces consisting exclusively of this fibre. So too can you rely on the labels on our blends: the outside, as stated on the inside. According to EU requirements. The highest quality, verified regularly by recognized procedures, by independent, approved institutions.
From the first sketches, the collection concept, to production ready patterns: with all the details, with optimal fit in each and every size. From us you get the whole nine yards. Through testing sizing charts, to authorizing production.
Women, Men, Accessories: our three constantly updated cashmere collections. Stylistically confident combinations of timelessly elegant pieces and on trend components. Essential sweaters: round, V, and polo neck. Cardigans, vests and tank tops. A-line jumpers, oversized and boyfriend style. Ponchos, pashminas, wraps and leg warmers. Gloves and scarves. Beanies and bobble hats.
To be certain: a must have for the busy days, from the preview to the main screening. For the reassuring feeling of introducing pieces that will go down well and sell well. Because everything fits: styles, colors, quality. Because you can rely on us, and our experience.
Customer wishes.
Any aspect of the samples you say goodbye to, we'll steer you in the right direction with the right partner, because we know what's possible and with who: within production, within your budget. And should wishes and feasibility be too far apart, we will look for, and find another opportunity for you.
With styles, colors, sizes, quantity, costs and delivery dates determined, there's only one thing to do: order. An agreement that's binding. Everything else, we take over. In the same way, our promise is binding. And, at your request, we’ll deliver to your subsets and your stores.
High quality manufacturing processes: and we could tell you a lot more besides. Because, regardless of whether it's 200 sweaters, or 20,000, from large manufacturers or small producers: we've known our partners, personally, for many years. Each visit convinces us our standards and our claims fit together, in reality and according to international requirements for fair production and working conditions (BSCI).
Successful transformation at the perfect moment: the most precious raw materials in the world, made into 100% wearable, desirable, cashmere fashion. With your good name.