Wool that's from the horned goat with the floppy ears.
And the special undercoat.
Fine, long, naturally white: the perfect cashmere fibre. Gathered from the warming
wintry undercoat of this bright cashmere goat. From each animal, each year, only about
150 grams – carefully hand collected and sent on its long journey to our skillful partners. Selected companies that transform the world's finest raw materials into the world's most precious yarns.
In Inner Mongolia, the colder the wintertime, the more exquisite the 'duvet'. That is, the warming, fluffy hair.
A particular hue is, and remains, a special hue.
Whether pure, natural white, stirring storm grey, cool lemon, or tempting truffle: our partners possess an intuition for the trends, and the emotional power and impact a color
can incite. As well as just the right, refined recipes.
Finest cashmere in all the colors of the rainbow.
Washed, combed, colored, spun. The finest quality cashmere: one, two, three ply.
Our partners transform the finest wool into the finest yarn. A beautiful quality: 100%
2-ply cashmere, made with experience, knowledge and considerable technical expertise. The same story can be told of all the yarns in our collection: 4 or 8-ply cashmere, and our exquisite blends, with silk, angora and merino. Every one, at all times, a quality that's verifiable. According to the specifications of the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute CCMI.
Exceptionally sleek and smooth, or thick and fluffy. Beautiful yarns, prepared to the highest quality.
Spinning and knitting.
With absolute respect
for materials.
And for workers.
Spun fine and light as a feather, knitted simply, knitted twice. Stockinette stitch, 1/1 or 2/2 ribbed, printed: we know which one of all our partners is perfect. Furthermore, for our requirements and your requirements: fair working conditions and health and safety within each supplier's country. Assured by BSCI audits.
Matchless materials woven and knitted on request, by certified producers.